The Bridge From Me To You

Okay. So The Bridge From Me To You is about a boy named Colby and a girl named Lauren. Both high school seniors. (Correct me if I’m wrong; my mom just returned this book to the library.)

Colby is a football player whose dad is more obsessed with Colby being a great football player than Colby is. His dad and best friend want him to play football college, but Colby isn’t really interested in that. He just doesn’t know how to say “no.” I know how he feels. (About “no”, not football.)

Lauren moved in with her aunt and uncle because she called the police when she was worried that her mom would hurt her brother. Basically, her own mom kicked her out.

So, here’s what you probably think the storyline is:

Hot football star meets cute girl. Fall in love. Try not to show it. Become a couple anyway.

In a way, yeah. You’re right. But there’s more to it. When they meet each other, Colby starts to realize what he really wants for his college life and Lauren finds out if she really wants to move back in with her mom.

I think the coolest part of this story is that the author shows chapters in both characters POV. Lauren’s chapters are in poetry, and Colby’s are just like most books when they narrate. Like:

David walked over to me. “You wanna go to the park?”


We got in his dented truck and drove away.

You get the idea.

Anyway, its an inspiring story, but the language wouldn’t be appropriate for a class reading book until you’re at least in 8th. But if you’re not and you still want to read it (like me!) go ahead, I guess, if your parents let you. You probably wouldn’t be interested in this story until you’re in 6th grade, though.

Also, I get the feeling most boys are not into this type of story.

I would give this book 4 stars.

The Bridge From Me To You

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