One For The Murphys

When Carly Connors is moved into foster care (because of her mom and her new boyfriend) she winds up with the Murphy family, a “normal” and “perfect” family.

Carly isn’t sure what to think of the Murphys. Mrs. Murphy is trying super hard to please Carly, but her husband isn’t quite as fond of Carly. Michael Eric loves her, Adam likes her, but their brother Daniel? Not so much.

But the longer Carly stays with the Murphys, the more she likes them. Daniel, obnoxious Daniel. actually can be in a room with Carly without making a nasty comment. Michael Eric and Adam’s feelings about Carly stay the same, but Carly and Mr. Murphy can suddenly get along and laugh together… all because of the Red Sox. Carly decides to accept Mrs. Murphy’s friendship and finds out why she wanted a foster kid in the first place.

And as an added bonus, Carly becomes friends… with the girl who hated her 5 seconds after she met Carly.

Will Carly decide to move in with the Murphys, or stay with her mom?

One For The Murphys was a really heartwarming story and I loved it. It was even nominated for some sort of award. (I think.)

I would give this story 5 stars and recommend it to 5th-7th grade.

One For The Murphys

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