The Landry News

My mom didn’t take me to the library today like she was supposed to, so now I *gasp!* have resorted to reading books from my own shelves.

I decided to read The Landry News, one of my favs. (At first I thought is was called The Laundry News, but I found out it wasn’t that. :))

So basically, Cara Landry wrote a newspaper and tacked it up on her teacher’s bulletin board.

Unluckily for the teacher, Mr. Larson, she wrote an editorial (that was sorta mean) about his lack of teaching.

Larson went totally BALLISTIC. In the copy I have, its funny because in the pic of him going crazy, there’s a paper on the board in the background on how to avoid anger!

When Cara and Mr. Larson go home, Cara realizes that she wasn’t very nice to Larson and Mr. Larson realizes that the editorial was right.

The two then make up over a discussion about newspapers.

When Larson actually begins to teach for the first time that school year, Cara and her new friend Joey make another edition of the Landry News, this time with the motto “Truth and Mercy.” Suddenly the paper becomes a class project with Cara as editor in chief.

But Dr. Barnes, principal finds a copy in the halls. He’s always hated Larson and wants to fire him. Will the principal use this innocent paper to get Larson on the chopping block?

You’ll never know… unless you read the book, of course!

I love this book because of

a) Clements uses great descriptive words. I can picture Cara in my mind right now…

b) The plot is creative and inspiring and interesting.

c) I love the suspense the author creates. Will Larson be fired? *ominous music in the background*

d) You get to hear Larson and Cara’s POV, which helps you see their take on the same situation.

This book earns 5 stars and is probably interesting for 3-5 graders. Maybe 6th graders too, but its not their reading level.

The Landry News

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