All American Girl

No, this is not an American Girl Doll book. So don’t leave. Please.

You know the hoodie I told you about in the post with the dandelion? Well, I ruined it with spaghetti sauce. So much for that.

Sorry for digressing. I may do that a lot. ;).

So back to the book.

All American Girl is about a girl who saved the life of the president by jumping on the almost killer and surprising him. But Sam sort of wished she didn’t do that. Now she has secret service men EVERYWHERE, fake friends, reporters hounding her, a new wardrobe (“why wear any color but black?”) fancy dinners, and the love of the president’s son when she has a crush on someone else! And on top of that, Sam has to take art lessons that deprive her of artistic creativity.

Could life get any worse?

But as Sam gets to know the president’s son and her art teacher, things start to look up.

I thought All American Girl had a super creative plot and I instantly liked Sam just after reading the first page.

I would recommend this book to 6th to 9th grade girls.

Oh, yeah. I would give it five stars too!

All American Girl

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