Sahara Special

I am SO tired, but I just have to write this!

I have to admit, the fake stickers on the front of this book didn’t give me a good impression. Only because it made it look like it was for younger kids.

But I loved it. And it wasn’t for kindergarteners or anything.

Sahara is this girl who used to write notes like “Daddy, today was my birthday. Please come back!” to her divorced father. She didn’t send them.

Obviously, some snoopy teacher just had to snatch up some of those notes and read them.

And send Sahara to a special needs program.

People called her Sahara Special after that.

There actually was nothing wrong with Sahara. She was a super bright girl who loved to read and write, yet she didn’t do her schoolwork.

Her mom finally got fed up with Sahara being in a special need program with people who curse and punch and that she doesn’t need it. Her mom asks the teacher to fail Sahara.

So Sahara ends up in fifth grade. Again.

This year is different, though. For one thing, her new teacher is a punkish neonish woman named Ms. Pointy. She kicks, argues, and snoops and is proud of it. She loans money for journals and loves flowers.

Will Sahara be treated like a “special” kid? Will this teacher change her life?

Not telling you!

Ha ha.

Anyway, I loved how the author described everything. I could picture all the events in the book with no trouble at all, and I liked seeing Ms. Pointy unfold into this weird teacher with awesome teaching methods.

I would recommend Sahara Special to 4th to 6th graders as a 4 star book.

Sahara Special

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