Another graphic novel. I guess I like them better than I thought I did.

Actually, Sisters is the sequel to Smile by Raina Telgemier. I guess I should have read Smile first, but I read the endings to books before actually beginning to read the story, so…

Never mind. I’m getting off topic. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah.

When she was young, Raina wished for a sister, like, EVERY DAY. I personally don’t see how anyone would want an obnoxious sibling, but she was an only child and she was young. I could see why Raina didn’t think anything against having some siblings.

But when her parents actually do have a baby girl (named Amara) she isn’t exactly the ideal person Raina wanted. She cries, is stubborn, ruins her stuff, asked for a pet snake, AND hates Raina. Best person every, right?

I’m being sarcastic, obviously.

Anyway, that isn’t the main part of the story. Sisters is focused on a family trip to see other family. Raina can’t wait to see her cousin who she THINKS will love her back and be “sisterish” and hang out like they did 10 years ago. But she isn’t so excited about spending a million hours in a non air conditioned car with Amara and their little brother, Will. Plus, her dad isn’t traveling with them, he’s flying because of so called “work” that he has. But more on that later.

When Raina gets there, (After 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 fights with Amara!)  she finds out her cousin Lindsay is a makeup obsessed fashionestia (don’t know how to spell that!) whose ideal night with family is a long, boring karaoke night – starring Lindsay, herself. Not the girl that Raina remembered.

Raina can’t wait to get back home… but finds out that her mom doesn’t really like her father anymore (hence, the “work”) and that a divorce is possible.

And to make things WORSE Amara and Raina get stuck STRANDED in their van with a half starved snake during a million degree weather while their mom and Will hitchhike to find a tow truck. Wonderful, right?

Can the two fighting sisters work it out to survive?

You’ll never know!

Nah, I’m kidding! 😉

The graphics aren’t like Ms. Marvel’s (as in super realisticish) yet the child-like yet sophisticated cartoons enhance the story and are super awesome! I wish I could draw that well!

I also loved the story line. I think it was based on a real story, and I thought that the character’s actions and what they said were really what like an actual family would be like.

Sisters definitely deserves 5 stars and is great for everyone 4th grade and up!


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