No, I didn’t pickle anything. This is a name of a book.

Apparently, there were these kids who started a club that pulls crazy pranks – like filling a classroom full of plastic ball pit balls that smell like dirty feet.

The “leader” and the person who started the club was someone named Ben. He pulled the first prank and invited 2 other boys named Frank and Oliver. Then this sort of obnoxious girl named Bean comes along and forces her way in.

The whole group gets along fairly well. They pretend they’re a pickle making club to avoid any suspicions and even get to build a website!

But when a pretty new girl named Sienna enters the scene, she pulls the worst prank yet… and ruins their club.

This book was ok, but the plot was a tad too boring for me. The whole story was basically about 5 kids pulling pranks.

3 stars, 4th grade to 6th grade.

I know, this review was short, but I need to work on a lab for science. I’ll post later, though!


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