A Million Ways Home

Hi! I just got a TON of new books from the library. I’m not letting myself read them until I FINISH THIS POST though. Because I’ve been putting off posting to read other books and… never mind.

Also, thank you to those of you who followed me and liked my posts! You are the best!

And those of you who didn’t, thank you for reading my blog anyways!

Well, back to the story.

A Million Ways Home is about this girl named Poppy, who lives with her grandmother because her parents were killed in a bombing accident. She loves dogs, drawing, and Grandma Beth.

But tragedy bursts her bubble and Grandma Beth has a stroke. Poppy ends up at a children’s center.

When Poppy witnesses an armed robbery she gets hounded by the police as an important witness.

So because the psycho killer/thief is still running around and he knows Poppy’s name, Poppy is sent to live with a detective’s, named Trey, mom. She even starts to make friends with Lizzie, a pink banged-hair crazy girl who defaced a federal building.

I have NO IDEA what she was thinking. I mean, my friend told me about these kids who spray painted and chalked a school. They got arrested.

But that was just a school. Imagine the punishment for spray painting a FEDERAL building!

Poppy also meets Gunner, a german shepard who has “issues” and may be put to sleep. She falls in love instantly and trains and saves him.

When Poppy gets the chance to identify the robber, she gets second thoughts and wonders what will happen to her when the robber is caught. Will her life change – AGAIN?!

There was no humor in this book. However, the story is moving and exciting at the same time. The author describes the characters really well in this indirect but obvious way, like a good book does.

I think A Million Ways Home deserves 4.5 stars and probably 4th to 6th graders will enjoy it..

A Million Ways Home

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