Pinned. At first I thought it meant “pinned” as in Pintrest, but it actually means 2 things:

a) Wrestling (well, at least RELATED to wrestling)

b) The name of a future restaurant (or is it bakery?)

Well, now I know!

Pinned is about a girl named Autumn and a boy named Adonis.

Adonis is a 9th grader who was born without legs. He loves to read and is a top student. I sorta think that that got to his head and made him a snob. Adonis may not be able to wrestle himself, but he is the wrestling team manager.

Autumn is a 9th grader who loves to bake. She is also the star wrestler on her school team-the only female wrestler, in fact, (Go, Autumn!) which can be frustrating. Her BFF is Peaches, (not the fruit) and she has a huge crush on Adonis.

Only problem?

Adonis HATES Autumn.

She gets super low grades because of a learning disability and is STALKING him, practically. Just got off the van to school? Autumn is totally there. Spilled a drink? Guess who happens to be next to you! Trying to PEACFULLY study in the library? Not with Autumn, you won’t.

If I were Adonis, I would be more concerned about the stalker part than the fact that she may ruin my rep with her grades.

Yet Autumn still loves Adonis after he disses her and calls her stupid, practically, in front of everyone. As I was reading this, I was thinking, GOSH! HOW CAN SHE LIKE SUCH A JERK?!

After a while, Adonis can stand being in a room with Autumn without going ballistic, which is good. Both start to be friendly and Adonis finally revels the truth behind a painful incident (including Peaches) that dubbed him “weak disabled guy who fell in a pond and almost drowned.”

And obviously, *spoiler alert!* the two opposites fall in love (well, Autumn was already in love, so let’s just say Adonis fell in love) and live sort of happily ever after. The end.

The story of a stalker and her stalkee was pretty awesome and entertaining. So, 5 stars and grades 6 to 8.


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