Paige By Paige

No school today! Yes!

Anyway, the reason I haven’t been reviewing that much is because my parents are having/going to SO MANY PARTIES. Don’t get me wrong, I love parties and all, but I’m really tired and I still have a party to go to today.

So, the book I’m reviewing today is called Paige By Paige and is a graphic novel.

Basically, there’s this girl named Paige Turner (her parents are writers) and she has a sketchbook. Her family moves to the city, and Paige is trying to adjust to everything.

Paige used to be a quiet, shy redhead who played the “everything is perfect and I’m so happy” game with her perfectionist mom. But now, she isn’t so sure if she wants to be that girl anymore.

Paige realizes she doesn’t and becomes more of a rebel and finds some awesome friends. They are:

Longo: A former artist with a sense of humor.

Jules: Longo’s sister and a singer and songwriter.

Gabe: Quiet boy who sort of lives inside his head. He also writes, and is someone Paige can confide in.

Her sketchbook helps her “discover” herself, and move along in her struggle of this new life.

That’s really all that the book is about.

Paige By Paige had SOME romance, but was really just focused on Paige, herself.

Besides the regular graphics that display the main characters and what they’re saying, you also get to see inside of Paige’s sketchbook, which is a totally different (but cool!) style of drawing.

Paige By Paige is BY FAR the mot creative book I’ve ever read, and totally deserves 5 stars. And if any of you 6th, 7th, or 8th grader are reading this review, Paige By Paige is great for those grades.

Paige By Paige

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