Why To Start A Blog

Do your parents (or yourself, even!) need convincing for you to start a blog? If so, here’s a list of reasons that might change their minds and maybe yours:

It helps writings skills
It’s a good way to show your talent
You don’t have to share exactly who you are so you don’t have to worry about people in your school criticizing you
It’s a good way to improve grammar skills because there’s no spellcheck 
It’s a great learning experience
It’s an awesome way to apply what you’ve learned through your school years
It boosts self esteem 
It’s really easy to stay safe on your blog 
It’s how people get “discovered” by writers, agents, talent scouts, publishers, and so on
You can learn to voice your opinion in a safe and non hurtful way
It can help other people with book reports, drawing, writing…
It increases your knowledge of the internet 
It boosts your knowledge of software
It helps you learn responsibility 
Remember, your parents get the FINAL SAY, so don’t go sneaking around and blogging under the covers. I’m sure they have good reasons why.
Do you have anything to add? If so, please type it in the comments, ’cause I’d LOVE to hear from you all!
Why To Start A Blog

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