Spy School


I remember my friend used to be really into spies when she was in third grade. We pretended we had “missions” on the “time machine” (aka the bleachers on the playground).

It blew over in 4th grade.

But that 4th grade year, the teacher gave an assignment to… oh, I forgot what we had to do, but I wrote about the time machine in my journal. Later, we had to swap with a kid for a day and edit an entry, but of course my partner read my entire journal, including the time machine part. (Well, to be fair, I read his whole journal too…) So later on the playground he asked me about my friend and I and the time machine thingy and I just about died with embarrassment. Luckily, we were friends.

Sorry! Got a little sidetracked.

Spy School is about a 12 year old named Ben Ripley. He’s just like about any 12 year old nerd. Ben has a crush on the hottest girl in school, gets good grades, has a best friend named Mike, and is bullied by some jerk.

But one day, some guy named Alexander shows up, claiming that he’s the world’s top spy and stuff and is here to recruit Ben into a top secret CIA spy school.

Ben is like, “okay…”

Big mistake.

Ben is ambushed, bullied, and threatened. People claim he invented some type of machine called the pinwheel that is (I think ) a hacking genius. The bad guys are out to get him.

On top of that, there is a traitor in the school and it’s HIS mission to help spy genius Erica figure out his or her identity… with Ben himself as the bait.

I thought Spy School was awesome. It was sort of an adventureish funnyish mystery. I guess 4th to 6th graders would like it.

Spy School

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