Last Shot

Stevie Thomas, 13 year old sports reporter, won a contest. A writing contest. So now he gets to cover the biggest even in college basketball.

Stevie is so excited. Nothing can bring him down, even Susan Carol, the other winner with the height of a giraffe, the beauty of a diamond, and smarts 10 times bigger than Stevie’s. Plus she’s a Duke fan.

At least, that’s what he thinks. But an innocent trip to the locker rooms with Susan makes Stevie realize that Chip, star player, is being blackmailed into bombing the winning game. So of course Stevie and Susan Carol go through about a million ordeals just to find Chip and his problems.

It turns out the star basketball player got failing grades in college that will kick him off the team. at least, accordirding to college documentation. But Chip DIDN’T get that F. And now Chip’s professor is bargaining an F for a game bomb. And the only person who can confirm that Chip didn’t get and F is a dean no one’s been able to see or contact. Great.

And, Stevie doesn’t know yet, but the march madness conspiracy is more complex than it looks.

Last Shot was an awesome mystery. 4 stars, grades 5 to 7.

Last Shot

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