10 Of The Most Annoying Struggles Of Everyday Life

I hate my life…
  1. When your I-phone dies in the middle of a game. And you were about to beat your high score.
  2. When all your clothes are in the wash you have to fish out that ugly football jersey from 12 years ago.
  3. When you pour WAY more milk into your cereal than intended and end up with this huge, soggy mess.
  4. When your pen runs out of ink while writing and you can’t find another one.
  5. When you reach outside of the shower and realize that you forgot to grab a towel, so you have to run outside cold and naked.
  6. When your BFF walks in on you having a karaoke party. And you’re the only guest.
  7. When you pick up a super soft and ultra sophisticated sweater, check the price tag, and find out it’s 75 bucks over your 30 dollar budget.
  8. When your nail gets caught on the carpet and you wind up with an ENORMOUS hangnail.
  9. When auto correct turns your “well” into a “we’ll.”
  10. When you hop in bed and snuggle under the cozy sheets and your body chooses then to have the urge for a bathroom break.
What’s your everyday struggle?
10 Of The Most Annoying Struggles Of Everyday Life


So many books today are SO predictable. Here are a few patterns…

  • Girl and another girl are BFFs. One becomes popular and ditches the other girl. Other girl suddenly “realizes” her identity. The end.
  • Boy likes girl. Boy gets girl. Vice versa. The end.
  • A boy and girl are friends. They go out. Or one likes a different person but realizes their friend is perfect for them. The end.
  • Mean girl or boy. Underdog overcomes mean kid and makes him/her nice. The end.
  • Popular kid realizes how mean she is and redoes her life. The end.


Well, mostly.

Actually, the ones with twists and turns aren’t that bad. Like I read this book where the popular girl got braces and glasses AND had an on and off thing with her friends AND undergoes plot 3. It’s called How To Rock Braces and Glasses.

And NO, I don’t mean the movie. Heck, I hate it when people take perfectly good stories and model MOVIES out of them. They always, always manage to screw up the details of the book.

Here are some “different” storylines for you guys to look at…

Fallout (I know, Fallout Boys, ha ha.) by Todd Strasser is about a boy whose neighborhood is in the threat of a nuclear bombing (war, whatev), yet his father is the only one who actually builds a bomb shelter. And when the war actually HAPPENS, guess who the neighbors flock to after insulting and laughing at! Scott’s dad. And, despite a whole lotta effort, a bunch of people make it in the bomb shelter, one even daring to try and kick Scott’s half dead mom out. Ouch.

The Summer I Saved The World in 65 Days by Michelle Helen Hurwitz should actually be called The Summer I Saved My Neighborhood In 65 Good Deeds ’cause that’s what it’s about: Nina Ross helping even the superstitious, nervous, and doubtful with acts of kindness. Although, like glasses and braces gal back there, it does rest a little on the predictable plots, just with a more interesting twist.

Actually, now that I think about it, boring books are predictable and the good ones depend on unusual plots AND the usual ones, too.


Cliff Hangers – Which One To Read?

I just went on vacation to Arizona. It was amazing! The color of the ground was like rust red and there were prickly pears everywhere. (As stupid as I am, I felt one just for kicks. It’s not very prickly if you touch it between the spines.) I even saw the Grand Canyon! But needless to say, it wasn’t THAT amazing. I mean, it was just this big hole, sort of. I’ll probably appreciate it when I’m old. Like my mom.



Anyway, enough about that. Now about this post: I decided to read 3 series books and rate them on how much of NOT a cliff hanger it was. (If that even makes sense…)

  1. The Royal Treatment (Princess For Hire Series): Okay, so there’s this teen girl named Desi Bascomb. She works as a sub for princesses who need a break from they royal life. Desi is finally a level 2 sub and gets all sorts of awesome free stuff. Life seems sweet… but after a few days in the job and a run in with a sub gone wrong, she begins to wonder – is Fascade actually the good guy company? After all, they have to get their magic from SOMEWHERE…
  2. Mira In The Present Tense (Jasmine Skies Prequel): Mira, like any other 12 year old girl, is sort of confused. Her Nana Josie is dying (AND PAINTING HER OWN COFFIN), she seems to be drifting away from her best friend, Jide appears to like her, AND girl problems just had to creep up on her now. Can Mira somehow figure out this tangled mess?
  3. H.I.V.E. (H.I.V.E. Series): Otto Malpense hypmotized the Prime Minister. But that doesn’t mean getting abducted and locked in a school of evil is easy for him. Or for Shelby, Wing, and Laura, who are also geniuses who have been selected for the school. They want OUT. So together, they form a plan to escape the super secure building and its ruthless teachers. But is fleeing their best option?

In my opinion, Mira In The Present Tense is the best. The ending is complete with NO suspense. You can’t even tell that there’s a sequel. It leaves you with a warm feeling at the end. And no internal shouting about the unfairness of having to track down the next book.

The Royal Treatment is second. It’s a tad confusing in the beginning when they talk about Desi’s job and past, but you catch on pretty quickly. Only thing is that the Fascade’s magic situation isn’t completely cleared up. So I got the next book. And the first one.

And finally, H.I.V.E. It was a tad boring and the end just tells you that Otto MAY go through some unfortunate events. And that the head of the school MAY know something about someone’s parents. And so on. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oop. Computer freezing. Better post this now…

Cliff Hangers – Which One To Read?