Fight Fight!

I just fought with my bro. He can be so annoying sometimes. ūüė¶

Now that I think about it, what where we even fighting about in the first place?


It’s sorta pathetic how siblings (yes, me included) just have this instinct to get at each other’s throats for almost no reason at all. Like for instance, crossing the invisible line in the car, scattering (accidentally!) homework on the ground, and making a snobby comment out of annoyance are all common starters (in this family) for fights.

So what can we do to stop family quarrels in the future?

I’m no psychologist, and¬†I’m not gonna lie: Heck, I don’t know? Banish little bros from Family Land? Hey… that’s not a bad idea! ūüėČ

No, seriously.¬†I’m just gonna buy some earbuds, turn up my I-pod, and hope for the best tomorrow!

P.S. Book of the Day (I read it yesterday, but whatev): Gabe and Izzy

True story! With dogs! And an awesome message!

Fight Fight!

KImchi and Calamari

Kimchi is a spicy pickled Korean cabbage dish. Calamari is squid.

I thought you might like to know that.

I have to admit, the title drew me in ONLY because I like to eat calamari. And the cover illustration was awesome. So I got it from the library.

Anyway, as soon as I read the first page, I was hooked. Joseph, the main character, was describing his 14th birthday and that it SUCKED.

I read on, and found out that Joseph is a spider-man fanatic and a drummer. His crush is named Kelly and he has 2 younger sisters, who are twins.

Joseph was also adopted from Korea when a woman found him, abandoned. Not the best first memories to have as a baby.

And to top things off, he now has to write an essay on his ANCESTORS. That’s sort of sad when all you know about your birth family is practically NOTHING.

Joseph’s proud dad wants his son to write his essay on his italian heritage, but Joseph does not. Unfortunately, his parents don’t know much more about his birth mom than Joseph, and that isn’t exactly in their list of top 10 subjects. Or top 1,000.

So Joseph sets out to trace his mom. He doesn’t get everything sorted out in time for the essay, so he chooses this random olympic Korean runner as his “grandpa.” Now Joseph thinks he can get everything out of his head.

But things get complicated. Joe’s “cheat essay” gets chosen to enter in a contest, his new Korean friend’s mom think he’s a fake, Kelly finds out Joseph cheated and deems him a loser, AND Joseph actually might be just a step away from finding mom.

How is this possible and HOW will he get himself out of this MESS?

*Key the ominous music*

No, just kidding! ūüôā

I thought that the author wrote the tale of this adopted boy to a somewhat “realistic” perspective. I mean, duh, I’m not a boy so I wouldn’t know how boys think or act, much less 14 year old boys, but I AM observant. To me, this seems like it could be a real boy’s story.

The book also portrayed the typical feuds and quarrels of a family very well.

I thought that it had a good theme, climax, plot… basically, everything a teacher could want for a book report.

(Hmm. Too bad I didn’t discover this book at the beginning of the year. I don’t have any more book reports until after summer.)

Kimchi and Calamari also kept me on the edge of my seat. I mean, the author kept PAUSING when Joe was talking to the potential niece of his birth mother on the phone.

It drove me CRAZY and I couldn’t put the book down, which I guess is the point…

But what I sort of didn’t like was how the book left me with mixed feelings about Kelly and her story stopped in the middle of the book.

Kimchi and Calamari deserves 4 stars and is for middle schoolers.

KImchi and Calamari

A Million Ways Home

Hi! I just got a TON of new books from the library. I’m not letting myself read them until I FINISH THIS POST though. Because I’ve been putting off posting to read other books and… never mind.

Also, thank you to those of you who followed me and liked my posts! You are the best!

And those of you who didn’t, thank you for reading my blog anyways!

Well, back to the story.

A Million Ways Home is about this girl named Poppy, who lives with her grandmother because her parents were killed in a bombing accident. She loves dogs, drawing, and Grandma Beth.

But tragedy bursts her bubble and Grandma Beth¬†has a stroke. Poppy ends up at a children’s center.

When Poppy witnesses an armed robbery she gets hounded by the police as an important witness.

So because the psycho killer/thief is¬†still running around and he knows Poppy’s name, Poppy is sent to live with¬†a detective’s, named Trey, mom. She even starts to make friends with Lizzie, a pink banged-hair crazy girl who defaced a federal building.

I have NO IDEA what she was thinking. I mean, my friend told me about these kids who spray painted and chalked a school. They got arrested.

But that was just a school. Imagine the punishment for spray painting a FEDERAL building!

Poppy also meets Gunner, a german shepard who has “issues” and may be put to sleep. She falls in love instantly and trains and saves him.

When Poppy gets the chance to identify the robber, she gets second thoughts and wonders what will happen to her when the robber is caught. Will her life change – AGAIN?!

There was no humor in this book. However, the story is moving and exciting at the same time. The author describes the characters really well in this indirect but obvious way, like a good book does.

I think A Million Ways Home deserves 4.5 stars and probably 4th to 6th graders will enjoy it..

A Million Ways Home


Another graphic novel. I guess I like them better than I thought I did.

Actually, Sisters is the sequel to Smile by Raina Telgemier.¬†I¬†guess I should have read Smile first, but I¬†read the endings to books¬†before actually beginning to read the story, so…

Never mind. I’m getting off topic. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah.

When she was young, Raina wished for a sister, like, EVERY DAY. I personally don’t see how anyone would want an obnoxious sibling, but she was an only child and she was young. I could see why Raina didn’t think anything against having some siblings.

But when her parents actually do have a baby girl (named Amara)¬†she isn’t exactly the ideal person Raina wanted. She cries, is stubborn, ruins her stuff,¬†asked for a pet snake,¬†AND hates Raina. Best person every, right?

I’m being sarcastic, obviously.

Anyway, that isn’t the main part of the story. Sisters is focused on a family trip to see other family. Raina can’t wait to see her cousin who she THINKS will love her back and be “sisterish”¬†and hang out like they did 10 years ago. But she isn’t so excited about spending a million hours in a non air conditioned car with Amara and¬†their little brother, Will. Plus, her dad isn’t traveling¬†with them, he’s flying because of so called “work” that he has.¬†But more on that later.

When¬†Raina gets there, (After¬†10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 fights with Amara!) ¬†she finds out her cousin Lindsay is a makeup obsessed fashionestia (don’t know how to spell that!) whose ideal night with family is a long, boring karaoke night – starring¬†Lindsay, herself. Not the girl that Raina remembered.

Raina can’t wait to get back home… but finds out that her mom doesn’t really like her father anymore (hence, the “work”) and that a divorce is¬†possible.

And to make things WORSE Amara and Raina get stuck STRANDED in their van with a half starved snake during a million degree weather while their mom and Will hitchhike to find a tow truck. Wonderful, right?

Can the two fighting sisters work it out to survive?

You’ll never know!

Nah, I’m kidding! ūüėČ

The graphics aren’t like Ms. Marvel’s (as in super realisticish) yet the child-like yet sophisticated cartoons enhance the story and are super awesome! I wish I could draw that well!

I also loved the story line. I think it was based on a real story, and I thought that the character’s actions and what they said were really what like an actual family would be like.

Sisters definitely deserves 5 stars and is great for everyone 4th grade and up!


The Sisters Club

I’m at my library right now and ironically, the book I’m reviewing is NOT from the library but from my own shelves!

Well, this is gonna be quick because I have to study for some quizzes and stuff.

The Sisters Club is actually probably for 3-5 graders, so I wouldn’t think anyone my age would like it. Still a good book, though!

Basically, there are three sisters with boys names: Alex, Stevie, and Joey.

Joey is obsessed with pioneers and homework. She is the youngest Reel sister and is annoying.

Stevie is the middle sister and feels like she is the “glue.” “Glue” as in holding the family together.

Alex, the oldest, is sort of conceited with looks and really loves acting. Currently, she is starring in Beauty and the Beast with her crush, Scott Howel aka Paper Towel Man.

Alex is SUPER annoyed at her sisters because, well, for 2 main reasons:

a) Stevie stole and totally ruined her fav sweater. I would be angry if that happened to me, but I have a brother and he’s not wearing my clothes any time soon. Not to say that he isn’t SUPER annoying at times…

b) They totally embarrassed her at dinner in front of Towel Guy.

She erupts at any time. (like screaming, yelling,¬†arguing…)

But when Alex breaks her leg during Beauty, Stevie still takes her place.

I guess the author¬†was trying to say that sisters will always help each other no matter what, but let’s be honest: would you really do that for your sister if they were being¬†mean to you and you had stage fright like Stevie? I know I wouldn’t but I am, like, not super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†super super super super super super super super super super super super super¬†nice, so can’t say anything. Would you do that? Tell me in the comments!

Anyway, I would give this book 4 stars.

Yes, I know this isn’t short like I said, but I sorta lost track of time…

The Sisters Club

One For The Murphys

When Carly Connors is moved into foster care (because of her mom and her new boyfriend) she winds up with the Murphy family, a “normal” and “perfect” family.

Carly isn’t sure what to think of the Murphys. Mrs. Murphy is trying super hard to please Carly, but her husband isn’t quite as fond of Carly. Michael Eric loves her, Adam likes her, but their brother Daniel? Not so much.

But the longer Carly stays with the Murphys, the more she likes them. Daniel, obnoxious Daniel. actually can be in a room with Carly without making a nasty comment. Michael Eric and Adam’s feelings about Carly stay the same, but Carly and Mr. Murphy can suddenly get along and laugh together… all because of the Red Sox. Carly decides to accept Mrs. Murphy’s friendship and finds out why she wanted a foster kid in the first place.

And as an added bonus, Carly becomes friends… with the girl who hated her 5 seconds after she met Carly.

Will Carly decide to move in with the Murphys, or stay with her mom?

One For The Murphys was a really heartwarming story and I loved it. It was even nominated for some sort of award. (I think.)

I would give this story 5 stars and recommend it to 5th-7th grade.

One For The Murphys