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Hi guys! As you know, I’m someone who… uh… forgets stuff a lot. Like, this summer. To blog. And in my time of forgetfulness, I’ve read, like, 40 books.

So, here’s a ranked list of 5 random books I’ve read and a quick summary:

Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree is about a girl named Emma-Jean who is VERY smart… but has no social skills whatsoever. And she’s sort of clueless about other people, so she has no friends. She finds this girl, Colleen, in the bathroom, crying because her BFF invited the most popular mean girl in school on the ski trip COLLEEN would be going on. Emma-Jean’s not heartless, and of course she wants to help Colleen, who is nice to everyone. But Emma-Jean’s “help” turns out to be a forged school note that could get Colleen suspended AND right into her enemy’s waiting arms. 5TH PLACE

Girl, Stolen is about a blind teen named Cheyenne who was accidentally kidnapped by another teen called Griffin. Cheyenne is blind and has serious pneumonia. Could things get any worse? Yeah, just as Griffin’s dad, a heartless thief and killer, is about to release her, he finds out that Cheyenne’s dad is president of Nike. All he can see are dollar signs as ransom payment. Payment for something that won’t happen. But luckily, Griffin takes pity on Cheyenne and they form a shaky, doubtful friendship that could get BOTH of them out of this nightmare. 1ST PLACE

Guitar Notes is about 2 students named Tripp and Lyla. Lyla plays the cello and Tripp plays the guitar. Both use the same music room on different days, but still manage a way to slip snarky notes to each other. But then the notes become more and more friendly and secrets and dreams are shared. And then when Lyla picks up the guitar, the two begin to write songs and preform together. But angry parents and snarky friends may ruin their bond forever. 3RD PLACE

Notes From an Accidental Band Geek is about perfectionist Elsie Watt, who, in order to get into a top notch orchestra camp, must join marching band. It’s a nightmare for Elsie – stiff suits, stupid nicknames, horrid mellophones (where are the French horns?!), and snarky leaders. Luckily, in the midst of band world are Hector, Sarah, Punk, and Jake, great friends. But the only problem is that Elsie is…well… self absorbed. Will all her friends end up running for cover? 2ND PLACE

Finding the Worm is about Julian, a kid from the 1960s. Things aren’t exactly going his way. For one thing, some kid scratched Julian’s initials into a painting and now he has to write a 200 word essay on good citizenship, which is number 50 on Julian’s To Do List. And then his friend Quentin has cancer and Julian has to carry the burden of knowing that Quentin is going to die. Plus, his crush, Beverly, is being super annoying about racing with Julian. Oh, yeah. And the school bully’s out to get Julian, too. This 13 year old has a lot on his plate and it’s gonna fall off all too soon. 4TH PLACE

So? What do ya’ll think?

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The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

It’s 1899. Calpurnia Tate (Callie Vee) is sort of bored and really hot. After all, it  is Texas. It’s SUPPOSED to be hot!

Her mother makes her knit , play piano, cook, sew.. lady lessons that Callie HATES. She would much rather go to a university or be the telephone operator.

So, yeah. Summer isn’t exactly going very well… until her grandfather gives her a science book that no one else will give her because it’s on evolution. Then their scientist to scientist relationship begins.

Callie learns so many new facts and how to be a real scientist. She even discovers a new species of plants!

But sometimes it’s hard to enjoy life with your family in your way… which is exactly what is happening to Callie. Almost all of her 6 brothers have a crush on her best friend, Lula. And one of them is a bully and the other is overly attached to the thanksgiving turkey and another likes a snobby woman! Her mother disapproves of the time spent with Callie’s grandfather. Callie’s father… well, is a neutral. But still!

Callie is what you would call “ahead of her time” and in The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, you get to read of how she struggles to stay that way and prove that girls can be scientists, too.

I thought it was interesting to see how the “places” of women were so different back then. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate deserves 5 stars for that! Probably 6th to 8th graders would enjoy this. Or maybe even 5th!

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

All American Girl

No, this is not an American Girl Doll book. So don’t leave. Please.

You know the hoodie I told you about in the post with the dandelion? Well, I ruined it with spaghetti sauce. So much for that.

Sorry for digressing. I may do that a lot. ;).

So back to the book.

All American Girl is about a girl who saved the life of the president by jumping on the almost killer and surprising him. But Sam sort of wished she didn’t do that. Now she has secret service men EVERYWHERE, fake friends, reporters hounding her, a new wardrobe (“why wear any color but black?”) fancy dinners, and the love of the president’s son when she has a crush on someone else! And on top of that, Sam has to take art lessons that deprive her of artistic creativity.

Could life get any worse?

But as Sam gets to know the president’s son and her art teacher, things start to look up.

I thought All American Girl had a super creative plot and I instantly liked Sam just after reading the first page.

I would recommend this book to 6th to 9th grade girls.

Oh, yeah. I would give it five stars too!

All American Girl