Fight Fight!

I just fought with my bro. He can be so annoying sometimes. 😦

Now that I think about it, what where we even fighting about in the first place?


It’s sorta pathetic how siblings (yes, me included) just have this instinct to get at each other’s throats for almost no reason at all. Like for instance, crossing the invisible line in the car, scattering (accidentally!) homework on the ground, and making a snobby comment out of annoyance are all common starters (in this family) for fights.

So what can we do to stop family quarrels in the future?

I’m no psychologist, and I’m not gonna lie: Heck, I don’t know? Banish little bros from Family Land? Hey… that’s not a bad idea! 😉

No, seriously. I’m just gonna buy some earbuds, turn up my I-pod, and hope for the best tomorrow!

P.S. Book of the Day (I read it yesterday, but whatev): Gabe and Izzy

True story! With dogs! And an awesome message!

Fight Fight!

Why Does Popcorn Pop?

Okay, guys. This book is a tad different, so just bear with me.

Different? you say. How?

Well, for one thing this book isn’t fiction, it’s non fiction. But not like I Am Malala,( which is a biography and sort of tells a story. It’s like a trivia book. For foodies.

I was browsing the library one day when I saw this book. I checked out the inside cover, which basically said that Why Does Popcorn Pop? is a bunch of answers to food related questions, like, why is ketchup “catsup,” how many animal crackers are there, why doughnuts have holes, and what’s actually IN McDonald’s meat. (Not as disgusting as you may think.)

Being the huge trivia geek and baker nerd I am, I borrowed it.

And it was actually interesting! I mean, if you want to hear a story, don’t borrow this. But if you’re up for whatever, borrow Why Does Popcorn Pop?

The only thing I found boring was the section on beer and wine. Obviously, I’m still a teenager so I don’t drink (and I don’t think I ever will when I’m older ’cause the health teacher scared the heck out of me with her addiction talk) and a whole chapter on alcohol is definitely NOT up my alley.

So, yeah. If I knew the author I would ask him to make a kid version of this book with words that aren’t as difficult (for elementary students) and no drinking section (this part should be self explanatory).

Due to a more challenging vocab, I would recommend Why Does Popcorn Pop? to middle schoolers and up. Also, I would give this book 4 stars.

Why Does Popcorn Pop?