Well, here it is. My first fiction story post. Hope you all like it!:

Drew looked at me desperately. “Do something!”

I glanced down. A huge chasm loomed before my feet. I could hear ghostly wails of anguish far down below. Chills bit my spine. “Me? I’m only thirteen! You’re fifteen!! You’re a master wizard! Surely you can help instead of me!!”

He looked at me and I knew the truth.

“How could you?” I shrieked. I clawed his arms, leaving four bright red oozing gashes. “You lied to me! You said you could do magic! You said that people IDOLIZED you back in Camwell!”

Drew winced. “I was young and foolish. I… I wanted a place to call home. My mother died of pneumonia when I was five. My father was burned at the stake when people accused him of witchcraft. At age seven I became an orphan who traveled the world in secret.”

“So you didn’t live in Camwell your whole life. I should have known.”

“Isobel! Let me explain. When I saw the wizard academy, I thought I might actually posses magic. After all, my father did. So I applied, and Professor let me in. When I found out I didn’t have magic, I didn’t think anyone would mind.”

“If you didn’t think anyone would care, why didn’t you tell Professor? Or me?” I asked, infuriated and hurt. This boy, who I had known for since he was ten and grown to love, had deceived me for five whole years. “When we escape this terrible monster and go back to the academy, I am going to WRING your neck and rip out your-”

“Shh.” Drew lifted his finger to my lips. It took much effort not to bite his hand off. “I love you and I always will. Now go and save the world for me. I know you can.”

With those final words, he gently pressed his lips against mine and vanished into the shadows.

Just a few yards away, the beast roared. He was getting closer to me. I was getting closer to being his midnight snack. Great. Just great.

My insides felt mangled and twisted. What had become of the Drew I knew? Was his name even Drew? Or was it another tale? Why do I still even like him?

His final words lingered in my mind. “I love you and I always will. Now go and save the world for me. I know you can.”

“I love you, too,” I whispered into the darkness. And then I leapt.


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