Got Blogs?

Hi everyone! I know that I was a little stumped when I first tried to blog, but after a few posts I got the hang of it! So new bloggers, don’t worry!

Anyway, here are some tips and tricks into making YOUR blog viral!

How to sign up

It’s really easy, actually. Just sign up on here!:

how to “advertise” your blog

Don’t be annoying and comment by posting your blog link in EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE that you can find. Just a simple “like” and a NICE comment is fine. Try to like and comment on blogs that have a topic similar to yours.

Also, don’t be afraid to tell family or friends! They’ll probably tell their mom, who will tell her sister, who will tell her best friend, who will tell her 2nd cousin, who will tell this random guy who he met on Instagram…

Remember to stay safe

Don’t tell me I sound like your mom. I know I do.

1) Never give tell people online your last name, birth date, email, address, social security number, passwords, phone number, credit card number, school… I’m sure there are more stuff, but I’m sure you get the idea. No personal info in your blog unless you want a creepy guy following you.

2) Don’t post inappropriate pics. According to my health teacher, the police CAN come after you. (Depending on the picture.) And if a picture accidentally has personal info in the background, DO NOT POST THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!! I would also advise not to post pictures of yourself.

3) If someone posts rude comments about you or your blog, don’t tolerate that. Tell an adult and delete the comments. (I think you can block the person too. I’ve never tried that, though.)

4) No mean comments about other people, please!

Got anymore tips? Post them in the comments below!

Got Blogs?

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